There are places that somehow manage to get under your skin, even though you don’t really know them all that well. Bruges is that kind of place. A warm and friendly place, a place made for people. A city whose history made it great, resulting in a well-deserved classification as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Experience the city by following an ageold tradition. Cruising Bruges’ canals – the remarkable city arteries – you will discover secret gardens, picturesque bridges and wonderfully beautiful views. Although it sounds incredible, Bruges’ loveliest places ooze even more charm when you admire them travelling by boat.

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Famous for its belfry and excellent shopping, the town of Sluis is seen by many as ‘Burgundian’, a Dutch term for fun-loving and almost eclectic. Founded around 1280, it received city rights about ten years later. Its strategic location on the shore of the Zwin inlet led it to become a fortified town in 1382. It is a true fun town to discover and we recommend you to visit by bike. 

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